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Klixon® 6PS Series Pressure Switches

Hermetically sealed per MIL-E-5400 paragraph 6.3.10
Covers actuation range of 45 to 600 PSIA
Miniature size and lightweight
High vibration resistance
Corrosion resistant: 300 series stainless steel construction for all environment and media exposed parts
Available in wide range of standard and custom configurations
8000 psi minimum burst pressure

Klixon 6PS Series precision pressure switches are snap–acting, all-welded devices with hermetically sealed switch contacts. They were developed for applications in aerospace and electronics where high reliability and/or resistance to severe environments is required.

To ensure maximum corrosion resistance under hostile conditions, all parts exposed to the pressure media and the environment are made of 300 series stainless steel — no rubber parts are used.

Small and lightweight, 6PS Series switches can be mounted by their pressure ports alone, allowing maximum flexibility of design.

Full contact force is maintained even during high shock and vibration — regardless of applied pressure — because the positive, snap–action disc works in tandem with snap–action switch contacts.

Now you can completely specify a Klixon custom built pressure switch designed to satisfy your unique requirements. Our building block approach utilizes standard components and provides an almost infinite variety of options... while retaining the cost advantage of "off-the-shelf" devices.

Customer Defined Specifications
Range of actuation pressure settings at STP from 45 PSIA to 600 PSIA
Range of deactuation pressure settings
Standard: 60% to 85% of actuation pressure
Special: 85% to 90% of actuation pressure
Range of tolerances on actuation and deactuation pressure
Choice of deactuation pressure setting and tolerances affects price
Standard: up to ±6% of actuation pressure (±10 PSI min.)
Special: up to ±4% of actuation pressure (±5 PSI min.)

Life at Rated Current
50,000 cycles
Current Capacity
Resistive: 5amp @ 28 VDC
Inductive: 2amp @ 28 VDC
Lamp: 1amp @ 28 VDC
Vibration Resistance
25 G, 20–2000 cps (no contact chatter in excess of 10 microseconds)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
Terminal to terminal: 1000 vrms
Terminal to case: 1250 vrms
Without Leads: 30 grams max.
With Connector: 60 grams max.
Temperature Rating
-65°F to 275°F (-53.8°C to +135°C)
Proof Pressure
8 times actuating pressure
Burst Pressure
8,000 PSI min.
Metal Parts Exposed to Pressure and Environment
300 Series Stainless Steel
Potting Material
Epoxy resin
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Precision Pressure Switches

Looking for 6PS technical specifications?
Download the PDF (2.5MB)

Precision hermetic switches are also known as:
* Aerospace switches
* Aircraft switches
* Hermetic switches
* Limit switches
* Military switches
* Position switches
* Precision switches
* Sensitive switches
* Switches

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