Klixon 36PS Series

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Klixon® 36PS series for fuel pressure sensing applications
-40°F to 125°F, automatic reset pressure switch

Features and Overview Performance Characteristics
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Features and Overview /\ Top

Factory calibrated pressure setpoints
Hermetically sealed sensor
Environmentally sealed switch
Superior corrosion and vibration resistance
High cycle life capability
Excellent setpoint repeatability and temperature stability
Narrow tolerance and hysteresis
Typical use: Low engine oil, brake, transmission and fuel pressure sensing
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Klixon’s 36PS pressure switch features a number of design and process considerations that ensure accurate, reliable performance in low pressure, dry circuit applications. The all–metal construction of our hermetically sealed "free disc" pressure sensor provides a stable, long life.

Lacking elastomers, the 36PS is compatible with most fluids. Its unique packaging affords repeatable pressure sensing through a wide temperature range and protects against contaminants including dust, oil, salt, and water.

A statistically controlled and capable process ensures the performance and quality you expect from Sensata. Typical applications include low engine oil, brake, transmission and fuel pressure sensing.

Performance Characteristics /\ Top
Ambient Temperature
-40°F to 125°F (4% setpoint shift / 100°C)
Fluid Temperature
-60°F to 135°F
Operating Pressure
500 psig (maximum)
Burst Pressure
5,000 psig (maximum)
Life at Rated Current
1,000,000 cycles 0–300 psig under mA load (10% drift/life)
100,000 cycles 0–500 psig under max electrical load
Electrical Ratings
5mA @ 9 Vdc to 2A @ 28 Vdc
5.8 FLA / 34.8 LRA @ 120 Vac
2.9 FLA / 15.0 LRA @ 240 / 277 Vac
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