Klixon 25PS and 45PS Series

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Klixon® 25PS and 45PS series for HVAC/R and industrial uses
-20°F to 275°F, automatic reset pressure switch

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Features and Overview /\ Top

Single pole, single throw switch normally open or closed contacts
Factory calibrated pressure setpoints
Hermetically sealed sensor
Environmentally sealed or vented switch
Electrically rated to 600Vac (45PS)
High current switch (up to 13FLA) for direct motor control
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Product Uses /\ Top

Appropriate for a wide variety of HVAC/R and industrial applications including:
Direct control of motors and other demanding loads requiring precise pressure settings
Fan cycling and high/low pressure protection: Extended electrical capacities and life cycles in environmentally sealed and unsealed configurations encourage usage in the most rigorous fan cycling and high/low pressure protection applications.

Performance Characteristics /\ Top
Ambient Temperature
Leaded: -20°F to 150°F (-28.9°C to 65.6°C)
Quick Connect: -40°F to 275°F (-40°C to 135°C)
Fluid Temperature
-65°F to 275°F (-53.9°C to 135°C)
Operating Pressure
Vacuum to 750 psig
Burst Pressure
5,000 psig
Life at Rated Current
100,000 cycles
Electrical Ratings
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